5 Digital Trends that will change the face of the ICT Industry in MENA

5 Digital Trends that will change the face of the ICT Industry in MENA

ICT enterprises are lacking in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Nevertheless, many regions have started pursuing strategies for further development. It is important to know digital trends that will impact the infrastructure, marketing, and economic conditions in MENA.
Here are five digital trends that are transforming the ICT industry in MENA.

  1. Cloud Computing
    Businesses are shifting to cloud computing as it is more reliable for data operations. Cloud technology allows organizations to operate and manage from different locations. Also, this shareable online platform optimizes flexibility in business operations.
  2. Increased usage of Data Analytics
    Data analytics helps in making fact-based decisions. Data analytics tells about spending patterns and trends running in the market. The efficiency of business operations increases with the processing of technical data. It makes decision-making procedures fast and accurate.
  3. Increased social media engagement
    Social media is a good option for building relations and generating more leads. Businesses have started focusing on content creation for different social media platforms. They spend quality time planning and creating social media posts. The insights feature of these networking platforms tells about engagement trends. Social media is a fast-paced knowledge-sharing model as compared to email marketing.
  4. Video Marketing
    Video marketing is a powerful concept if used strategically. It helps buyers to visualize the features and benefits of products and services. 70% of B2B buyers(Remove link) prefer videos for their product research. Many organizations have started leveraging case studies to turn them into video content. Videos can be informative or entertaining related to your industry or product. According to market predictions, video advertising spending will be around $12.66 billion by 2024(Add Link) that shows the huge scope of video marketing.
  5. Using Sales Automation Platform
    B2B technology companies have started using sales automation platforms as a substitute for traditional sales systems. These platforms bring more relevancy, consistency, and efficiency to business operations. They also help in lead generation.
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