Convergence and Technical Innovation in ICT industry

Convergence and Technological Innovations in ICT Industry

With technological innovations and the convergence of services, devices, and networks, the structure of the ICT industry has been changed completely. The convergence phenomenon has to transform the boundaries of the IT industry. It is generation new competitive areas. There is a paradigm shift of applications with the convergence of ICT. It is giving birth to new business opportunities. 

Let’s have a deeper look at the technological innovations in the ICT industry and discuss convergence trends.

Technological Innovations in ICT

The major technological innovations and convergence trends that are creating a new value stream for the ICT industry are as follows:

Cloud Intelligence

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence is offering a wide range of innovations in IT industries. Machine learning and big data analytics are improving user experience. ICT resource requirements are now adjusted quickly and easily with frequent demands. And all this is happening due to cloud computing.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a combination of intelligence and automation. It makes connected devices smart and allows objects to work remotely. It is the bridge between the digital and the physical world.  As wireless communication, sensor network technologies, smartphones, etc are advancing, more smart objects are getting involved in IoT. IoT has made a large impact on the ICT industry.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Human-to-machine communication has been increased in the past few years. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have become an integral part of the IT industry. This innovation is giving the ability to experience events virtually. The prime incubator of AR and VR in the gaming industry.  

Security and Privacy

A wide amount of financial and personal data is shared on the internet. Security and privacy are major concerns for the IT industry and ICT consumers. Data sovereignty and novel identity management controls are giving protection to all the layers of ICT:

  • Security analytics
  • Actual security controls
  • Adaptive security posture

Innovative technologies such as encryption, root-of-trust technologies, and automation are creating an efficient security system for ICT.


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