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ICT Distributors playing increasingly important role in the supply of ICT products

ICT distributors are coming up with innovative and efficient methods for the supply of ICT products to meet the increasing demand for IT products. Read our blog to know more about ICT distributor role.

With the increase in customer’s demands and expectations, the demand for ICT products is increasing day by day. The supply of IT products is becoming complex. ICT distributors are coming up with innovative and efficient methods for the supply of ICT products to meet the increasing demand for IT products. It is impossible to compete globally without proper planning and supply chain management of ICT products. The supply chain management ensures the following:

  • Right ICT products and right quantities
  • Right condition of ICT products
  • Right delivery place, time and cost involved
  • Right data for right forecast at right resources

ICT distributors play an important role in managing the supply of ICT products. The demand for soft supply chains such as software, data, financial supplies, etc. never goes down. This proves how vital ICT products are. ICT distributors are responsible for sharing real-time information with respective stakeholders. It is a challenging task to connect with different stakeholders. ICT distributors streamline this process by integrating supply chain and supply chain management as a single unit.

Relation between ICT Distributors and ICT Products

Businesses depend on IT products for market intelligence, data processing, quick communications, etc.  Businesses are becoming more efficient and driving profits due to IT products. ICT is helping businesses to sustain in competitive national and international markets. ICT is an integral part of every industry. Some of them are governance, education, agriculture, medical, telecommunication, and many more. A significant transformation has been observed in IT products. The ICT market is changing dynamically. ICT is a wide area. ICT products are mainly those IT products that are capable of storing, retrieving, manipulating, transmitting, or receiving digital information.

Global ICT Spending

Technology Spending $M201820192020202120222023
Traditional Technologies$4,005,011$4,146,194$4,005,032$4,130,413$4,277,843$4,453,674
New Technologies$653,808$766,521$891,760$1,030,455$1,189,208$1,362,017

Forecast 2020 – 2023

ICT distributors act as an intermediary between system integrators and vendors in the distribution of IT products. Their clientele includes system integrators and resellers. They are responsible for payments and procurement-related communications between vendors and integrators. ICT Distributors manages the supply chain of IT products. They are responsible for supply chain visibility, reducing theft, improving the delivery of IT Products, and reducing the delays in the ICT products supply chain pipeline.  They also take care of the security of the ICT products at every level. ICT distributors also help in contract negotiation, procurement process, marketing for system integrators, warrantees, and resellers. Also, many ICT distributors host NOCs (Network Operations Centres). They provide presales training, demos, and roadshows about new products on the behalf of vendors i.e., ICT distributors educate resellers about products.


ICT distributors are integrating various functions. They enable the exchange of supply information related to ICT products among key persons of the businesses. The role of ICT products is important for businesses and without it, businesses cannot compete in the global market. The supply chain management of IT products is complex and therefore it is recommended to collaborate with ICT distributors for smooth processing. Businesses should not ignore an integral part of supply chain management. ITC distributors streamline the supply chain effectively and efficiently.    

ICT Circle is a B2B platform for the ICT eco-system. ICT Circle understands how important the ICT distributors are for the supply chain of ICT products. They connect manufacturers to system integrators. ICT Distributors get a platform to add value to their current and new customers with increased reach, marketing services, onboarding and validating new customers, getting feedbacks, facilitating funding, etc. Buyers get complete peace of mind in the procurement process of ICT products.

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