Difference Between DSL and ADSL Router

Broadband internet is efficient, has high speed, and is hence most widely used by internet users. To communicate with the internet, a router routes traffic between the internet and internet-connected devices such as personal computers, smartphones, tablets, thermostats, printers, smart TVs, and more. Routers are responsible for secure and high-speed connections. Routers can be wireless or wired.

DSL and ADSL are the most widely used form of internet connection. DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line services, and ADSL is Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line. ADSL is called asymmetric because its download speed is faster than upload speed. Both are high-speed internet connection services and can work efficiently with exciting phone lines.

ADSL supplies a high-quality, good internet connection. It has an upstream rate of 16 to 640 Kbps and a downstream rate from 1.5 to 9 Mbps. You might experience a slower internet connection if you move away from your telephone network.

DSL uses a digital connection between the phone line and modem. The copper wires can carry bandwidth other than voice signals. The unused wires of the telephone network are used by DSL for transmitting signals. In ADSL, the data speed sent and received are respectively called upstream and downstream.

DSL and ADSL can work simultaneously without interfering with telephone services. They do not affect telephone services as some wires are used for transmitting voice signals and others for digital signals.

Micro-filter and a special modem are used in subscriber’s telephone line for data transmission in ADSL. As long as the power is ON, the computer is automatically connected to the internet. Users can disconnect manually if required. Usually, ADSL subscribers are residential customers who do not send much data but download an ample amount of it.

The DSL speed depends on the distance between the telephone office and the user’s location, neighborhood traffic, etc. The speed is slow in outer urban.

Service providers offer higher bandwidth for download and upload with higher rates.

DSL vs ADSL Comparison

Parameter of ComparisonDSLADSL
Full formDigital Subscriber LineAsymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
TypeDigital Subscriber LineADSL is a type of Digital Subscriber Line
PartDSL is the family of technologyADSL is a part of this family
SpeedUpload and download speed is almost the sameThe download speed is faster as compared to the upload speed
NatureIt is not asymmetricIt is asymmetric in nature

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of DSL are:

  • As it is built using existing telephone lines, therefore, DSL is broadly and easily available.
  • It is less costly as compared to broadband connections or satellite.
  • Internet can be used simultaneously while making calls.
  • For a high-speed internet connection user has to be close to the telephone.
  • DSL cost is higher than other faster types of connections

Key Points of DSL and ADSL Routers

  • DSL is the general term for the Digital Subscriber line and ADSL is a type of DSL.
  • The full form of DSL is Digital Subscriber Line and the full form of ADSL is Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.
  • As the name suggests, DSL is not asymmetric in nature whereas ADSL is asymmetric in nature.
  • ADSL represents the internet which makes use of digital relations between a phone line and a modem.
  • In the ADSL type of network, the data sending speed is called upstream, and the data receiving speed is called downstream.
  • In DSL the upload and download speed is almost the same whereas in ADSL the download speed is faster than the upload speed.
  • DSL is the main family of technology, whereas ADSL is a part of this family.

Mostly ADSL is preferred for broadband internet connections. However, DSL and ADSL are considered outdated networks, and hence DSL and ADSL are not very popular. This is because people are preferring wireless networks, modems, satellites, etc. for their fast speed. Technology is also upgrading, and telephones are not in much use now.

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