Emerging Artificial Intelligence

Emerging Artificial Intelligence Technologies Utilising The ICT Industry For Its New Dominance

With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), technologies like deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, etc. are enhancing the performance of communication, workflow, processes, ROI, and shifting the ICT industry. AI is creating new models and generating new opportunities for businesses. The different aspects of ICT industry operations such as sales and marketing, supply chains, service, and product delivery, etc. are transforming with the evolution of artificial intelligence technologies. AI is improving the accessibility of ICT products and system integration.  

The world is moving towards digitalization, and different industries are becoming smarter. The ICT industry will have to keep pace with innovations and automation. According to the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai- At its heart, AI is computer programming that learns and adapts. It can’t solve every problem, but its potential to improve our lives is profound.

According to a study by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global market for artificial intelligence is estimated to gain an impressive 36.1% CAGR between 2016 and 2024, increasing by the end of 2024 from $126.14 billion in 2015 to $3,061.35 billion. 

Technology segments of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a branch of computer science that is capable of performing tasks like humans such as text recognition, speech recognition, problem-solving, etc. By using artificial intelligence technologies, computers can accomplish complex tasks efficiently. AI has various technology segments:

  • Machine Learning
    • Deep learning
    • Recommender systems
    • Data mining
    • Reinforcement learning
    • Unsupervised and supervised learning
  • Speech Synthesis
    • Natural language generation
    • Control of other systems through APIs
    • Speech synthesis
    • Robotic process automation
  • Natural Language Generation
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Natural language Understanding
    • Machine translation
  • Decision Making
    • Expert systems
    • Case-based reasoning
  • Computer Vision and Hearing
    • Handwriting recognition
    • Speech recognition
    • Image and video recognition
    • Optical character recognition
    • Facial recognition

Machine learning allows system automation. It accesses and analyses the data to learn things automatically. It does not require any human assistance during the learning process. It uses different algorithms to learn from experiences and examples. Computers can process massive data with machine learning and AI. There are two categories in machine learning: supervised and unsupervised.

Deep learning is also called a deep neural network. It learns data from unlabelled and unstructured data without any supervision.  Deep learning in an organization helps in preventing money laundering or fraud.  

Natural language generation generates spoken or written narratives from datasets. It performs pattern identification, mine numerical data, etc. Due to its speed, the internet is generating news and different stories.  

Ai in system integration reduces the workload of developers, increases productivity, improves efficiency, and provides quality assurance. From development to deployment of large-scale ICT products is now possible due to artificial intelligence. In the development stage of ICT products, software versioning control is the critical and important part. AI has proved an essential tool in anticipating and detecting problems during the development stage. ICT industry can now automate backend processes with the application of deep learning algorithms. It is cost-effective and requires less human intervention.

AI is Increasing Operational Awareness of ICT Networks and Systems for Communication Service Providers. Super intelligent artificial intelligence is capable of performing tasks more effectively and faster than any human being because they do not require time for resting. AI is dominating in areas like service management, quality assurance, and process automation. AI is transforming the traditional ICT industry with its Machine Learning and Deep Learning capabilities. It is making the ICT industry smart, efficient, and time-saving. It is predicted that AI in near future will be able to handle software development all by itself. It will fix the issues in real-time with the least human intervention. AI might also reach a stage where it will run and manage company networks automatically.

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