Marketing Strategy for IT Resellers & System integrators

Marketing strategies and plans are necessary for the growth of the business. Strategic plans help IT resellers and system integrators to capture new markets and gain potential customers. Resellers and integrators can grow organically with the correct marketing strategy in the ICT sector. The action plan is also an important step after preparing strategies. Whatever you plan it becomes a reality when you go as per the plan.

In the current scenario, the need for online awareness and digital marketing is growing. It is high time for IT resellers and system integrators to enter the digital world if not till now. Hence, a proper business plan and marketing strategies are required to become a better IT reseller and system integrator.

Here are few tips and strategies:


It is a good growth strategy specifically for small businesses. Small-scale IT resellers and system integrators can provide specialized and better products/ services by collaborating with big firms. The network of collaborators is termed a business ecosystem. The members of this ecosystem can join hands-on various projects and grow exponentially. Resellers and integrators can develop products and offer services that are beyond their individual capabilities


Innovation is an important factor for the growth of the ICT business. It gives birth to new solutions, services, and develops new products that can take resellers and integrators to a new market. Small-scale resellers and integrators can collaborate with big businesses such as AT&T for extensive research and development facilities. With such collaboration, innovative resellers and integrators can speed up product development within budget.


Support services such as training, consultancy, installation, and maintenance generate opportunities to grow revenue with existing clients. Small-scale IT resellers and system integrators can collaborate with experts who can deliver on their behalf. Small businesses can develop a service revenue stream without investing in setting up their own infrastructure.

Product Adaptation

On adapting products and services to the needs of various regions and sectors, small-scale IT resellers and system integrators can increase growth and revenue. Product adaption helps in rapid customization and reconfiguration for different requirements. It minimizes production costs and gives better returns. It is a cost-effective growth strategy.

Partner Development

Service providers are helpful in building a growth strategy. They provide support and development programs that include product and market training, promotional material, and structured sales incentives. They can deal with customers from various regions including rural areas. This will increase the customer base and revenue without increasing the size and cost of its own sales operations.

Focus on Value

Resellers cannot change the pricing of products or services every time. Resellers may offer products and services at the same price because many times it cannot be overpriced or lowed much. In such a situation, the challenge is to stand out among various resellers. IT resellers should focus on the online value of products and services, their importance in day-to-day work, and other benefits. They should present their offerings in an engaging way.

Analyze Data

It is necessary to keep track of before and after sales of products and services. IT resellers and system integrators should know the key reasons for purchases and trends. Who all are buying, why they are interested in buying, what are the reasons for choosing? Understanding the customers and their buying pattern improves business growth. Gathering data about users click, what are they following, social platforms they are following, etc. are valuable information for drafting marketing strategies that can enhance business growth.

Various tools are available in the market that can keep the track of all purchases and services offered. Check out the ICT Circle platform. Its data insights are very helpful in developing marketing techniques and building strategies.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Up-selling and cross-selling techniques are always beneficial for resellers. These marketing strategies can expand the knowledge and help in better customization. The technique is not just good for resellers but even customers can gain a lot from it. Apart from drafting marketing strategies, a clear view of the mission and goals is also important. Every plan should target goals. IT resellers and system integrators can also utilize web hosting services for better visibility of their products and services. These services are easy to understand and give useful information. Resellers and integrators get a clear view about current growth rate and future aspects.

If you are a system integrator and facing challenges in finding new supplies, check out the ICT Circle platform. The platform comes in handy, particularly if the projects require large quantities or if there is any niche product requirement that is not readily available with their regular suppliers. ICT Circle marketplace is helping the system integrators by mapping their requirements to verified suppliers and get them connected. ICT Circle brings the opportunity for systems integrators to find new clients. It facilitates a common platform for the IT Channel bringing all the tiers together.

Their subscribers can exchange services/products with a number of wholesalers, retailers, resellers, system integrators, and bulk buyers available on our platform. The subscribers can maintain a proper inventory on our platform without spending huge money on expensive shops, supply chains, and operational expenses. The algorithms of ICT Circle help subscribers to navigate and do business on any device such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Their B2B Exchange platform will allow subscribers to sell legally and faithfully. They can offer customers undeniable access to eProcurement. The solutions offered by ICT Circle will expand client reliability and increase business efficiency, profitability, clientele, and turnover.


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