Key features to look at from a system integrator in 2022

In today’s fast pacing world, connectivity is the key. Right? 

Especially for companies with a huge pile of data. 

But how do you think companies manage to organize these piles of data?

How do the employees of these companies manage their software?

Yeah, you guessed it right! With the help of a System integrator and system integration software. 

And if you are planning to look for a system integrator, you are in the right place. Here we will discuss some key features that you should look for in a system integrator. But not so fast, let’s start with some basics first. 

What exactly is a System Integrator?

You must have connected the dots on this! And you are right. In businesses, everyone uses different systems and uses different software. Because of this, the business’s data gets scattered across the systems and software.

System integrator plays the role of bringing all of them in one place. It brings together the sub-systems into one whole functional system and also ensures that all the components work together properly to preserve the accurate data analysis. 

Is it that important though?

Having a system integration in your workplace has plenty of benefits. It provides fast communication between the system, which is beneficial for most businesses. If you are still in doubt, here are some of the benefits of system integrator that might change your mind-

  • What a speed!

Without the SI, the organizations have to input all the same information multiple times in multiple systems. This makes the flow of work very slow. But with SI important and critical information can be circulated within multiple systems of the organization at a quick speed.

  • Remain Equal!

Non-integrated systems are not consistent. The same operation has to be done in multiple systems one by one. This doesn’t happen with SI. it reduces all the confusion and inconsistency.

  • Money!

Installing a SI is actually cheaper than investing in a single, large, expensive new system. It helps you to save money and hassle.

  • Sales are shooting up!

Data connectivity across the departments also helps in boosting the sale of the organization. It also gives customers access to the data that can be useful to them. This gives them a clear picture of what is on the stock and what is out, or how long will it take to deliver? System Interaction provides transparency between the customers and the organization which helps to build trust. 

Now if it does not change your mind, I don’t know what will. But if you also are convinced to look for a SI for your business, how are you going to decide?

What are the key features to look for in a System Integrator?

It is not that hard to select a system integrator, you just need to keep some points up in your head.

  • Have you tracked the record?

Checking the track report of a system integrator before is very crucial. Check all the previous projects of the system integrator in the field you are looking for. You can check how long they have been experienced in the specific field. And are they competent in handling your project?

  • Promise?

Look for their promises. Make sure that they understand what you want, they are experienced in your field and are able to run your project. See if they can maintain the promises they are offering.

  • Are you comfortable?

Another question is, are you comfortable? Always choose an integrator you are comfortable working with. A system integrator can have awesome reviews and an impressive project list, but they are no good if they don’t understand you.

  • Are you an expert? 

See for their expertise! Their knowledge, skills, and the techniques they use. The staff should have full knowledge of the system engineering and are capable of handling your project. Many SI claims their expertise and eventually fails to provide you with results. 

  • Remain stable! 

Your system integrator needs to be stable in the competitive market. The more stable SI, the stronger will be the solution for your project. Stability will add more features and enhancements to your work.

  • Did you ask?

Ask many questions! Ask questions about their previous projects, how they are going to handle your’s, how much time it will take? The budget of the project. Make everything clear in your initial stages. 

  • Which tool is that?

Ask your SI to demonstrate a workshop session to demonstrate the suggested tools they are going to use for the proposed project.

There should be a format that depicts all the pros and cons of the tool that has been chosen in terms of the percentage of success.

You have to follow all these points from the start. These points will give a strategy and pattern of how you can go with your new System Integrators.

Build good communication between SI!

These were just some basics, there are more points that can be added. But you are smart enough to figure out from the pattern.

And here is another solution for you! 

ICT circle is a B2B platform for the ICT distributor channels. The features offered by ICT Circle are easy to use and give flexibility to seamlessly indent sales, procurement, marketing, and training to its subscribers, ultimately simplifying the day-to-day processes of the ICT fraternity.

If you are seriously on a hunt for your new system Integration workspace, you must visit here-

ICT Circle


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