Importance of maintaining relationship with your IT/ ICT Vendor.

Imagine, you are in an IT business and have received a big project, really big for your business!

The project is very important for you as it will affect your business in the future. But at the last moment, your IT vendor gives up and he falls on his promise.

How will you feel? 

Scenarios like these can never occur if you build a good relationship with your IT vendor. But this is not all! There are more reasons to do so. Let’s start with the beginning-

Who are they and are they that important?

Vendors are those individuals who provide goods and services to your businesses. It’s likely that your organization works with many different vendors all with different pay rates, contract terms, and contact.

Why are they important? Well,

  • Vendors are experts in their field. If we want technology for a specific purpose then an expert vendor will provide a better product. 
  • Vendors are always better than resellers as the wholesale vendor has created the technology, they hold all the intellectual property rights of the product, and also have all the expertise.
  • Vendors in many cases provide in-house support for your situation.

Why is it important to build a relationship with your IT vendor/ICT vendor?

Many companies are dependent on vendor relationships to sell their products and services across the globe. The operations of industries, like information technology, depend on multiple vendor relationships. Maintaining vendor relationships is crucial, here are some reasons why?

  • The goals are common!

The execution of a project may be unsatisfying if the vendor and the client have different goals. Compatibility and communication is the key to vendor relationships to ensure the project’s execution is less prone to errors. It is more difficult for either side to fulfill the expectations if their communication is not good. ultimately the client’s customer will suffer which will create a bad impression for the future.

  • Repeated businesses!

A vendor relationship that consists of trust and approachability is important in the industries that will, later on, repeat business. If a vendor proves to be reliable, a client will find it easier again to use that vendor’s services. A client will need more IT-related products from the IT Vendor. Having an established good relationship with a dependable vendor that meets your standards, saves a lot of time. 

  • The knowledge!

All businesses use vendors for their expertise. A solid relationship could make difference between a project that becomes something and one that remains in the idea stage. You need a vendor who specializes in a product or service that is necessary to reach your clientele. Information technology is a great example of an industry that is highly dependent on vendor relationships.

  • Efficiency in the cost!

All companies use vendors to save money on business functions. Because vendors achieve great cost-efficiency when performing tasks related to their areas of expertise. Vendors who receive repeated orders from the clients may be more appropriate to offer discounts. A solid relationship with the vendor opens up the possibility of strengthening mutual benefits. A vendor is also open to making recommendations. For instance, an IT vendor may suggest a better laptop or gadget according to your need. 

Here is another question! How do you do it? How to make a solid relationship with your IT vendors/ICT vendors?

Well, building a good relationship is a skill that you already have, you just need to enhance it. Here are some tips that might help you-

  1. The first step is by maintaining a connection. This means that you should be in touch with vendors regularly. Meet them in person at your workspace, which will help them to get a better feel for your business.
  2. Be sure to pay your bills consistently on time, so that your vendors see that you are a reliable customer. 
  3. Keep your vendors updated by informing them early on new business goals. This will give them the opportunity to suggest appropriate inventory for you and to prepare for larger orders. Giving them an adequate amount of lead time helps ensure that you always remain in stock.
  4. Finally, if you have an excellent vendor, be sure to refer him or her to other businesses. This way you can show your gratitude for a job well done. They will surely appreciate this gesture and will stay even more loyal.

Following these tips will get you a healthy relationship with your IT vendor/ICT vendor and with great relationships comes great rewards.

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