Ways to improve your overall IT B2B channel operations using ICT Circle.

You are looking for a B2B platform for your business and are confused with the options available in the market?

A good platform will help you to grow your business with the right guidance and strategy. Choosing the right channel for your business is a little confusing.

Each B2B channel differs in its effectiveness with the targeted customers. Some of the channels might add leads, high conversion rates, and big ROI, but might not be as reliable.

But before starting with choosing the right platform for your business, and what ICT circle can provide your business. Let’s start with some basics like-

What does B2B marketing mean? Who is it for?

B2B stands for Business-to-business marketing, which is defined as a process of selling a product that is manufactured by one company to another company. B2B is crucial for any business that wants to offer its products or services to another company. The B2B market is the largest market out there. 

As companies purchase components and raw materials for use in their manufacturing processes B2B transactions are common in a general supply chain. The end product is then sold to individuals.

What comes under Channel operation?

Channel Operations has an important role in channel program management and field channel sales. Therefore, it helps in driving the business’s strategies and goals.

A channel operations responsibility ranges from working both strategically and tactically, to executing the best methodologies. which results in enabling the channel sales and achieving short and long-term goals. 

The major components of an ICT channel are-

  • VARs (Value Added Resellers) 

Businesses add some features to existing products, then resell them. This practice is most common in the IT industry, where it includes professional services such as integrating software, customizing, training, etc., 

They are sellers of products to the retailers, to industrial, commercial, institutional, or other professional users. The distributors physically assemble, sort, and grade products in a large amount.

A systems integrator is an organization that helps to convert the customer’s hardware and software systems into a comprehensive IT solution. 

A vendor/supplier is an individual or business that sells goods or services to another business or individual in the production chain. In the IT industries, the term is applied to suppliers of goods and services to other businesses.

What is the ICT circle?

ICT circle is a B2B Platform for ICT channels: Vendors, Distributors, Resellers, and System Integrators from all over the world can transact with each other using the utilities of this platform. The features offered by ICT Circle are easy to use and give flexibility to seamlessly indent sales, procurement, marketing, and training to its subscribers, ultimately simplifying the day-to-day processes of the ICT fraternity.

How Does the ICT Circle Help Your business?

As a B2B platform, ICT circle provides many great features to improve your overall IT business. The applications of the ICT circle give equal benefits to all its channels from Vendors, Distributors, VAR’s, resellers to System integrators. Here are the top 10 benefits provided by the ICT circle-


ICT Circle takes your business to an entirely new level and opens up the whole world in front of your business. It helps you in marketing your business on a global scale and reaching potential customers in other countries and continents. 


ICT Circle provides a comprehensive dashboard to monitor your day-to-day activities or as per the selected time period, this helps businesses dive deeper and fine-tune their offerings as per market demands. 


Digital presence is a crucial thing in today’s business world. The most important point here is that the businesses using technologies can optimize every department in the most effective manner, streamlining their cash flows, staying on top of their ARs and AP’s, thin and logical inventories and ICT circle can help you achieve the same.


ICT helps you with creating the right product mix based on the customer demand patterns, investing in the products optimally, arranging proper product training, providing the right market sentiments and feedback to the respective vendors so that they can revisit their product enhancement or marketing strategies.


ICT Circle gives vendors a great insight into the market so that they can create and deploy the most suitable go-to-market strategy around their products & services, targeted marketing can also be done based on the market conditions.


ICT Circle will help you with training and recognition for all subscribers, like for a System integrator, it will help you to facilitate the vendors to conduct pieces of training and recognize the certified partners, this will help enrich the knowledge of the system integrators and empower them to face the challenges when they engage in deep talks with their prospects on project discussions. This will increase vendor loyalty and deeper relationships, coupled with a strong brand recall rate.


ICT circle provides branding and marketing opportunities to all its subscribers on this platform. All users logging into their accounts on a daily basis will never miss looking at the brands listed on the main page and this will increase the recall rate for your business. 


ICT Circle understands the challenges in the marketplace and can help businesses by mapping their requirements to verified suppliers and getting them connected. The platform can come in handy, particularly if the projects require large quantities or if there is any niche product requirement that is not readily available with their regular suppliers.


ICT Circle brings the opportunity for your business to find new clients along with attracting the existing ones by making themselves available on the ICT Circle platform. 


A wonderful venue to know what is happening around in your markets, firsthand feedback, and reactions, witness the trends as they change, and gain insight on what needs to be stopped and what is new to be introduced. Competitor offerings, comparisons, differentiation, etc. All this and more in one place, ICT circle

For more details about the ICT circle, visit- www.ictcircle.com


ICT Circle

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