It is better to collaborate than compete, Find out how ICT Circle’s collaboration tools can help your business!

It is said that it is better to collaborate than compete, yes it is true to every extent. Competition is everyone’s nature. We compete against each other all the time, in sports, school, college, and even in our workplace.

Competition surely makes us faster, there is no doubt about that. but collaboration is what makes us better. It increases productivity and efficiency.

Collaboration encourages co-workers to work with each other and not against each other. In a collaborative situation, co-workers share their experiences and learnings to help the business succeed in unity. 

Working collaboratively also allows co-workers to share their ideas and understand their team members’ thoughts on the same. This allows the employees to learn from their co-workers and build their own strengths.

In conclusion, collaboration proves to be beneficial for both the business and its working employees.

Collaboration helps employees with team building, but collaboration tools in a workplace, do you know what it is for?

What do you understand about online collaboration tools?

Online collaboration tools are basically applications, software programs, or any platforms that help your business organizations and the employees in creative processing and work effectively and efficiently. They also help employees to assign daily tasks, update on the progress, outcome reports and improve workflows and communication of the workplace both internally and externally.

What are the benefits of online collaboration tools?

You have a gist of what role online collaboration tools play in a business. But there are more real-life examples of good online collaboration tools. Here are some advantages of online collaboration tools-

  • Increased Productivity!

By automating certain tasks and using some of the best tools for the job makes the processes more straightforward. So the employees can get more done in your day. Which will help the employees on perfecting and brainstorm the next great idea. 

  • Increased Communication!

With the help of online collaboration tools, the workplace can become more connected. This is useful for co-workers who aren’t in the same office or even the same country. Online collaboration tools improve the team’s communication skills, also minimize the chance of employees missing important updates, and ensure that every member is on the same page. 

  • Increased Morale!

Online collaboration tools provide employees with the freedom to work anywhere they want while being efficient. It helps everyone’s work to get acknowledged and they’re likely to feel more appreciated, which will eventually boost their morale.

  • Increased Security!

Good online collaboration tools always use highly secured cloud storage. When the data is stored locally, it’s at more risk for cybercrime. Using cloud collaboration tools with ISO certifications signifies that the company is secured with data protection acts that are mandated by governments.

  • Increased Resources, Decreased Time!

Online collaboration tools could speed things up in a workplace. By using document collaboration software, co-workers can work on a single document in real-time. This can save hundreds of hours in a business.

What is the ICT circle?

ICT circle is a B2B Platform for ICT channels: Vendors, Distributors, Resellers, and System Integrators from all over the world can transact with each other using the utilities of this platform. The features offered by ICT Circle are easy to use and give flexibility to seamlessly indent sales, procurement, marketing, and training to its subscribers, ultimately simplifying the day-to-day processes of the ICT fraternity.

How can ICT circle’s collaboration tools help your business?

As a B2B platform, ICT circle provides many great features to improve your overall IT business. It provides you with many collaboration tools that can help boom your business.

Here are some of the exclusive tools provided by ICT circle for your business-

With ICTcircle get your daily reports of your business on your dashboard. This feature will help to help your business to increase performance and efficiency. It will also help in completing your target, and keep the focus on the goals already completed.

The friendly platform of the ICT circle brings you peace of mind where your business and money are secured. All the transactions are ISO certified, so you don’t have to worry about security anymore and focus more on the business’s next targets.

  • Virtual Meetings & Ground Events!

One of the advantages of online collaboration tools is it increases communication ignoring any geographical boundaries. ICT circle provides a meet and greet opportunity to it’s-member the fraternity to strengthen the relationships.

ICT Circle gives businesses a great insight into the market so that they can create and deploy the most suitable go-to-market strategy around their products & services, targeted marketing can also be done based on the market conditions.

Wanna know more about the ICT circle? Visit here-

ICT Circle

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