Role of IT resellers in 2022. How they can grow their Business using ICT Circle.

Being an IT reseller nowadays has become a little complex because of digitization. But at last, an IT reseller must be ready. 

Like any other business, the reseller has its own characteristics and advantages. Enabling an online reselling market for your customers requires many specific prerequisites. Further, we are going to see what the main roles of an IT reseller should be in the year 2022. But first, like every great start, let’s start with some basics!

What exactly is the IT reseller business?

The reseller is someone who buys products from the manufacturers or wholesalers and then sells the products to the end customers. In the case of IT resellers, they only deal with IT products like laptops, mobile phones, keyboards, etc. A brand or label sells its own products, while this is not with resellers. They focus on selling products that are ready-made to the consumers.

Then what is the difference between resellers and distributors?

If we go by definition, most of us might think that a reseller is the same as a wholesaler or a distributor. Because both parties buy products from suppliers or manufacturers and then sell them forward to the consumers. This is actually true, but there are 2 primary areas of differentiation between a reseller and a distributor.

Close to the manufacturer!

The distributor has a lot stronger relationship with the manufacturer when compared to the relationship of the reseller. Resellers don’t go that extra mile that distributors go to build a relationship with the manufacturer. Resellers don’t need to provide any services after the sale or any assistance to the producers. 

Managing the Inventory!

Distributors buy inventory from the manufacturers, which means they buy products in bulk. A distributor then has to maintain the whole inventory. That doesn’t go with resellers. Resellers don’t have to maintain any inventory.

What are the roles of IT resellers?

Reselling is an area of selling. A reseller can choose to deal in multiple products. With the digitization of businesses as a reseller, there are a few roles one should follow in the coming years-

  • Reseller industry!

This means the reseller should stick to its own industry. Though there are no such restrictions on the types of products a reseller can sell, it is highly advised to maintain uniformity in the industry. For example, An IT reseller should stick to dealing with IT goods only, and no other goods from different industries. An IT reseller selling blankets will seem odd to everyone.  

  • Target audience!

Another thing is to narrow down the target of the business. Having a complete profile of the customer in mind helps to decide the channel for, communication marketing strategy, and pricing negotiation.

  • Competition analysis!

Like any business requires a complete understanding of the competition and the current business practices, the same goes with the resellers. They may differ in various aspects from branding to pricing to variety. Always have a good look at the competitors so that the policies can be set accordingly.

  • Social media!

Keep an eye on the social media channels. It is one of the often-used ways of reselling online. To grow the business and target more audiences, resellers should use their business accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp to show their products.

  • Payment channels!

It is one of the most crucial steps after receiving the orders. “Processing the payments”. In an online reselling market, resellers might face issues like late payment, daily payment reminders, and looking for a way to accept payments. A reseller should select a solid and secure payment method for all the orders.

What is the ICT circle?

ICT circle is a B2B Platform for ICT channels: Vendors, Distributors, Resellers, and System Integrators from all over the world can transact with each other using the utilities of this platform. The features offered by ICT Circle are easy to use and give flexibility to seamlessly indent sales, procurement, marketing, and training to its subscribers, ultimately simplifying the day-to-day processes of the ICT fraternity.

How is the ICT circle going to help grow the reseller business?

As a B2B platform, ICT circle provides many great features to improve your overall IT business. It provides resellers with many benefits that can help them to grow their business. Here is how-

  • Operation cost-reduced!

This is one of the biggest advantages when compared to the traditional business approach, where ICT Circle can help the businesses do more with less. They can have a huge saving by creating an online set-up viz-a-viz physical set-up such as expensive showrooms, heavy interiors, and high rentals can be reduced or avoided altogether. Resellers can right-size the resources such as manpower, machines, less use of utilities, process automation, and better control over the business.

  • Lean and then earn!

CT Circle provides resellers learning & earning opportunities by connecting them with the right vendors and distributors. Resellers can join and participate in various channel programs, webinars, and events listed out by vendors and can also benefit from various special deals offered by distributors. Sales staff in the reseller’s community get opportunities to earn certifications and make incentives from various programs run by vendors and distributors such as new product launches, mix-bundle deals, revenue targets, etc.

  • Business anytime!

There is no holiday at ICT Circle, our engine is well lubed to work round the clock around the world, brings opportunities to its verified members, to expand their horizons and extend their reach to the unknown, create new relations, and cater to new markets. Get the exposure you always wanted. Our core philosophy is just one word, “Freedom”. ICT Circle believes that our partners should think freely, work from wherever they want, serve their clients from anywhere on the earth and live in whichever place they wish. At ICT Circle, business never sleeps.

  • New Exposure!

Get straight to the decision-makers, irrespective of industry and titles, ICT Circle is converging the whole experience into a value proposition where business means business without any excuses. Gone are the days when one used to start with a long proposal and wait for long turnaround times to get the decisions. ICT Circle helps people decide faster and seize opportunities on the fly.

  • Optimized business!

Digital presence is not an unknown world to today’s businesses, the impact is so powerful that companies can shine or go down like a shooting star within a matter of months. The most important point here is that the businesses using technologies can optimize every department in the most effective manner, streamlining their cash flows, staying on top of their ARs and AP’s, thin and logical inventories.

Wanna know more about the ICT circle?

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ICT Circle

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