Growth Strategies for IT Resellers and Systems Integrators

A strong customer base is essential for every IT company/resellers/system integrator. And every business wants to grow and expand its customer base, but the question is how to go for it? 

Which strategy is best for their company? How to begin?

These questions are the first to pop up.

There are many ways to start making your growth strategy, but knowing the business is the most important and crucial part. So, let’s start from the basics like what role does a reseller or system integrator play in the IT market.

What is the role of an IT Reseller?

Resellers play a vital role in both retail and the economy. They act as the link between the manufacturers and the customers. The main role of a reseller is to purchase goods and services in bulk from manufacturers, to receive good discounts. They then connect the manufacturers and the consumers through reselling, bringing goods and services. Knowing the duties and responsibilities can help decide whether it is an ideal business for you. Here are some points that can help to get a better understanding of a reseller’s role in the market-

  • Conducting all the merchandising and the promotion for products
  • Handling  storage of the inventory and distributing the products to the customers
  • Educating customers about the products or services
  • Providing support for the customer and addressing the issues that users have with their purchase
  • Grading and packaging of the items before they are sold to buyers
  • Conducting research about market trends and other data for the manufacturers

There is more than one type of reseller, according to their roles in the supply chain.

  1. Wholesalers
  2. Retailers
  3. Distributors 

What is the role of a System Integrator?

A system integrator specializes in connecting both internal and external systems, applications, data storage, or cloud-based software solutions. The ultimate goal of System Integrator is that these different elements could communicate with each other for improved efficiency. 

Integrations are very crucial for organizations, and yet, it’s a little complex to execute them right. System Integrator needs to clearly define the roles and the responsibilities of the integration vendor.

The role of system integrators includes strategic importance, 

  • The better SI can support the integration strategy, 
  • More edge can be gained for digitizing the operations and processes.

Before, the list of responsibilities for SI was short, but now they need to take other variables into consideration as well. Other variables like-

  • Able to deliver hybrid integrations
  • Dealing with different data formats
  • Maintaining data integrity for data quality

By choosing the right system integrator the integration project for a business can achieve the best possible results. 

Growth strategy for IT resellers and System Integrators!

Now that we are clear with the roles of IT resellers and System Integrators, now is the time to look for the best strategies. 

Here are the 5 major growth strategies-

  1. Who Are You?

Who are you? Be known! The first step is to make yourself known to your customers. It’s important for your audience to know about the business before anything comes into the picture. Use platforms to speak and write about your company, what values do you have? Success of your business in the specific industry? Build up your rapport.

  1. The List Is Running!

Keep the list updated of your top contacts. Eventually, the current list is going to grow as the years go by. While the list is growing, try to constantly record ideas about the possible audience for the business by attending webinars and any other event you attend. It doesn’t matter how long your list is, it is still too short. Business and sales only grow if you keep tending to them.

  1. Exit the objectives?

When we are talking about growth over time, let’s also acknowledge the changes over time. Always be ready for the unexpected not only for your customers but also for you as a company. No matter what unexpected ever happens in the future, it’s important that you always have an exit plan.

  1. Who Is Buying?

Not everybody you meet wants to buy your service, not everyone will have a particular need for your services, keep that in mind. So, the people you should market should be based on the objectives that you have set for your business.

  1. Taking It Away!

The key to all lies in knowing who your potential buyers are and identifying what their expectations, concerns, and needs are. There is always a reason behind everything. Once you figure that out! It means you are already one step towards success.

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