Find out ICT Circle’s “zero-tolerance policy towards any nuisance”

Find out ICT Circle’s “zero-tolerance policy towards any nuisance”

Customers are the main centric of all the businesses, a customer is the one who lets the business sustain itself in a competitive market. A smart business always knows what its customers want. Investing in customer support helps businesses to understand their customers to make their products and services better. One more thing that helps is reviewing the complaints of customers. Complaints are an inevitable part of any business, no matter how hard a business works or how great its products are, no business can satisfy its clients all the time. The best way to deal with this problem is by knowing what the customers are complaining about. Why is it important? Well, let’s see.

What are customer complaints?

Customer complaints are defined as the gaps that come between promises (product or services) of business and what a customer gets. It can be a mismatch between how customers think of the brand and where they don’t receive the desired service or experience.

Customer complaints can be of various types- 

a) Improper communication,

b) Internal processes

c) Poor quality of service. 

Taking a complaint as a good opportunity makes it easier to turn it into positive change. If listened carefully, customer complaints can also tell how to resolve any issues.

Customers’ opinions and complaints are a good source of market research.

Why is it important?

Complaints give a first-hand review of how the customers feel about the product or service. Rather than running expensive market research or a feedback survey, customer complaints can actually be the real feedback if it is addressed carefully and implemented the changes. Here are some ways how complaints help a business-

  • Complaints are a reality check for the business
  • It helps to understand the customers better
  • It can work as feedback for your product and services
  • It helps in managing the businesses online reputation
  • Improves the customer support
  • It helps in enhancing the communication between customers
  • Helps in growing customer loyalty

What is consumer awareness?

Consumer awareness is defined as the act that consumers perform to protect themselves from any exploitation in the marketplace by gaining information about the offerings they have consumed and by practicing their rights as a consumer.

Consumer awareness includes the process of requiring governments to intervene, as it becomes a matter of public welfare.

It also involves the process of successfully educating a consumer about their rights and responsibilities to maintain safety and protection from any kind of exploitation in the marketplace.

What is consumer awareness important?

As you have guessed already, consumer awareness is important for maintaining a safe marketplace. And to educate consumers about their rights. It also offers various other benefits, like-

  • It allows the consumer to achieve maximum satisfaction at the best price.
  • Helps in protecting consumers from all sorts of marketplace exploitation that the sellers might indulge in.
  • Protects a consumer from taking harmful products.
  • Motivates a consumer to save.
  • Helps consumers with problems regarding purchases and makes them aware of redressal mechanisms.
  • Enables a healthy society.

What is the ICT circle?

The B2B Platform for ICT channel: Vendors, Distributors, Resellers, and System Integrators from all over the world can transact with each other using the utilities of this platform. The features offered by ICT Circle are easy to use and give flexibility to seamlessly indent sales, procurement, marketing, and training to its subscribers, ultimately simplifying the day-to-day processes of the ICT fraternity

What is ICT CIrcle’s policy towards complaints and consumer awareness?

ICT Circle is a professional, clear, and clean platform that promises its subscribers a hassle-free environment to conduct their businesses. The platform has a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of nuisance that can cause discomfort to its users, it encourages the subscribers to highlight counterfeit products & misleading information to the operators of the platform so that all subscribers can reap the benefits by joining ICT Circle for the year to come. 

What are the most common issues encountered on the platform?

Some of the common issues encountered in the business are listed below and we would like to inform the platform users to bring up such issues in limelight as soon as they find someone is involved in any of them, they are:

  • Cheque Bounce (Though less practiced on the platform but still exists in B2B environment)
  • Payment Defaults (In case open credit is agreed)
  • Counterfeit Supply
  • Short delivery
  • Wrong/Different product delivery
  • Product condition other than specifies (old/open box)
  • Late payment
  • No response after payment/orders
  • Fake airway bills/delivery
  • Suppliers/Buyers bankruptcy declaration (if applicable)
  • Absence of product support/unclear product warranty
  • Fake payment advice/receipts
  • Wrong commitment/Misleading communication
  • Gray product
  • Payment/delivery to wrong person/individuals.
  • Privacy issue
  • Use of someone else’s credit card
  • Customer disputes related to pre-agreed agreements/understandings
  • Disintermediation
  • Account frauds/sharing (multiple admin roles.)
  • Data Hacking
  • Negative Publicity/Defamation (Individuals as well as Businesses)
  • Change of pricing post-closure of deals

How to register for complaints on the ICT circle?

ICT circle understands that there are times when uncertainties can crop up and there can be unhappy moments among the users while doing business transactions, there can be false commitments, use of uncomfortable communication. ICT Circle provides an opportunity for its users to submit their complaints formally as per the requirement listed in the complaint forms. The platform tries its best to get the dispute resolved up to the satisfaction of the parties involved. The following process needs to be followed to register the grievance by the dissatisfied users (Personal Complaints excluded):

  1. Any subscriber filing the complaint against the other company must produce proper proof (attach evidence documents) backing their claim,
  2. Use of descent language and avoid unnecessary bumped-up allegations.
  3. The evidence proof must comprise all the necessary documents as suggested by ICT Circle, such as email communication. Invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, shipping documents, payment defaults, etc.
  4. Names of all the individuals involved in the dispute/transaction.

For more details about the ICT circle, visit-

ICT Circle

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