How do ICT Circle’s Marketing features help grow your business?

What is the need of your customers? Can your product be trusted? What do the people say about your products? Does your company have more complaints or compliments? 

These questions must be answered by every organization out there, fighting for being the best of all. The answer to all these questions does lie in marketing. 

Marketing has a great impact on businesses; it helps in maintaining demand, relevance, competition, sales, etc. 

Further, we are going to see how marketing is important for a business and how many types of marketing are out there? And what marketing features does the ICT circle provide?

But first, let’s start with some basics.

What do you understand about marketing?

Marketing is defined as the activity of delivering offerings that have value for customers at large.

What defines the marketing in depth is the 4P’s.

  1. Product!

A product can be defined as a feature, function, benefit, and use that is capable of exchange, usually with a mix of tangible and intangible forms. Thus a product may be an idea, physical goods, any service, or a combination of all together. 

  1. Price!

Price is the ratio that indicates the number of goods, money, or services needed to gain a given quantity of goods or services. It is the amount that a customer must pay to buy a product.

  1. Placement!

Placement or distribution refers to the act of marketing that involves carrying goods to the clients. This one is also used to describe the extent of market coverage for a given good.

  1. Promotion!

Promotion marketing includes a strategy that uses short-term purchases, influence trials, and quantity of purchase. They are very measurable in volume and profit.

How many types of marketing are there?

Marketing has been here since the late 1800s, and there are various marketing techniques that a business can use. The most effective marketing strategies are those which are based on marketing insights and understanding of the potential clients. Here are some of the most common types of marketing businesses use-

  • Influencer Marketing!

Influencer marketing focuses on individuals who have influence over the potential audience. In these, businesses drive individuals to brand their message to the larger market. In influencer marketing, a brand compensates influencers (can be celebrities, content creators, employees) to get their message out on their behalf.

  • Keyword Marketing!

This type of marketing involves placing a marketing message in front of clients based on the specific keywords they might be using to search. A major advantage of this marketing is that it gives businesses the ability to reach the right audience with the right message and at the right time. In many cases, this results in the placement of an ad when a certain keyword is entered by the user.

  • Search Engine optimization!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of developing a technical strategy to improve visibility within the search engines. This can be achieved by modifying a website to score well in the search engines algorithms that are used to determine the rank of websites. SEO programs are a mixture of various elements and strategies. 

  • Outbound Marketing!

Outbound marketing is a new term for traditional marketing. In outbound marketing, the brand initiates contact with the client through methods such as TV, digital display advertising. It is mostly used to influence awareness among the consumers and preference for the brand. 

  • Inbound Marketing!

In this type of marketing, the customers initiate contact with the brand in response to methods used to gain their attention towards them. The methods can include email marketing, content marketing, event marketing,  and web design.

Why is marketing important for your business?

Marketing is important to your business because it allows you to share your products and services with a targeted audience strategically. It helps to tell, show, prove to the audience how good your business is and how your business can help them. With the help of marketing, you can educate people on topics that are related to your business, including FAQs and best solutions.

Marketing acts as a voice for your business and without a voice, you can’t reach potential customers.

There are many more ways that marketing helps your business, here are some most common benefits of marketing-

  • Marketing Is an Effective Way of Engaging Customers
  • Helps in building business reputation
  • Build a relationship with customer and business
  • It acts as a communication channel for informing customers
  • It helps in boosting the sales
  • It helps in providing the insights
  • Creates revenue options
  • Make informed decisions

What is the ICT circle?

The B2B Platform for ICT channel: Vendors, Distributors, Resellers, and System Integrators from all over the world can transact with each other using the utilities of this platform. The features offered by ICT Circle are easy to use and give flexibility to seamlessly indent sales, procurement, marketing, and training to its subscribers, ultimately simplifying the day-to-day processes of the ICT fraternity

What marketing features does the ICT Circle provide?

As a B2B platform, ICT circle provides many great features to improve your overall IT business. ICT circle provides your business with promotion features to stand out from the crowd and have your presence felt.  Here are some of them-

  • Partner Ads!

Advertisements are a great way of marketing and promoting your business. As a subscriber of the ICT circle, you can use this feature to 

  • List your Products for better visibility
  • Promote your Company on ICT Platform
  • Run Promotional Campaigns in prominent sections of the portal
  • Broadcast your message to the target audience or groups
  • Banner Ads!

The ICT circle provides you with an option for banner ads. A banner ad is an advertisement that is displayed into a web page. The advertisement consists of an image or of a multimedia object. The banner ads will help promote your business with the ICT platform and take your business message to potential clients.

  • Events!

Events are a great place to know your audience and competitors. ICT circle provides you with multiple events options. All the ICT channel vendors, System Integrators, distributors, and resellers who are the subscribers of the ICT circle can take part in the events.

  • Roadshows!

The ICT Circle’s core purpose is to connect the vast and fast-growing ICT B2B Community across the World. ICT circle brings together key connections in the multi-tier ICT fraternity which includes Vendors, Distributors, SI’s, and Resellers to meet their counterparts face to face and strike deals on a round table discussion. ICT circle helps your business to Connect

For more details about the ICT circle, visit-

ICT Circle

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