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Check out the top 10 system integrators in the UAE!

Data is what helps a business grow faster. That is the reason that every business organization has piles and piles of data. But not only does store data help; using it efficiently and with proper communication makes the data useful. A system integrator helps your company’s data and software sync together. 

And if you are planning to look for a system integrator, you are in the right place.

Furthermore, we are going to see the top system integrators in the UAE! Also, what is the ICT Circle? And what benefits does ICT Circle provide to system integrators?

What exactly is a system integrator?

In businesses, everyone uses different systems and uses different software. Because of this, the business’s data gets scattered across the systems and software.

A system integrator plays the role of bringing all of them together in one place. It brings together the sub-systems into one whole functional system and also ensures that all the components work together properly to preserve the accurate data analysis.

Top 10 System Integrators in the UAE

With a variety of choices available on the market, you should always aim for the best one. So, here are some of the best system integrators available in the UAE:


MDS takes the highest spot in the inaugural prime sixteen SI List research, posting a powerful $530m in sales revenue. The SI has cemented its cloud and data center credentials and recently disclosed the Cloud Center of Excellence in the UAE. With additional growth plans underway, MDS’s appearance is set to dominate the regional SI space.

  • Allowed IT Solutions ‘

As a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Police, Alrowad IT Solutions has carved a distinct segment for its systems integration business in the region. The corporation has established a record of providing tested IT solutions to the government, public and private sectors. Allowed is poised for growth because it looks like it will unfold its wings within the region.

  • The Visionaire Group

Visionaire has continued to innovate in an exceedingly systems integrator market wherever innovation has been smothered and stagnated in the region. Through its own developed “TECHNOMICS” business model, the SI helps purchasers with perpetual transformational ICT by keeping the main target on their business wants instead of vendor-focused methods centered on market share.

  • Emitac Enterprise Solutions

EES’ call to strategically concentrate on cloud infrastructure solutions and business solutions is yielding vast dividends, and it witnessed its business grow enormously in 2012.

  • Smartworld

Smartworld has created the highest sixteen list this year with solid revenue performance. For a corporation that was solely founded in 2008, the corporation has all the business fundamentals in place, and Smartworld is poised for any growth within the region.

  • Jumbo Enterprise

As a group, the giant’s billion-dollar-plus business comes from retail, systems integration, IT services, and volume IT distribution. The giant Enterprise has announced a good figure given the challenges that SIs have featured over the last four years within the region.

  • Intertec Systems LLC

Intertec has attributed its 2012 growth to the services in the application and infrastructure areas where it was ready to go to market. For a corporation that aims to grow its experience in the banking sector and extend its geographical presence, Intertec has what it takes to attain this.

  • Almoayyed computers

Despite experiencing challenges within the Bahraini market, Almoayyed has been resolute by some uncertainty in the promotion it serves. The corporation needs to keep raising its profile in the public sector and banking verticals in the region.

  • Rostamani Communications, LLC

In an effort to stay relevant to the market it serves, the company has continued to broaden its business horizons in all areas of the world. The corporation wants to create a lucrative services-driven business going forward.

  • Synoptic

The choice to strengthen ties with key selling partners has helped Synoptic to post robust sales figures. The corporation earned ISO 9001:2008, 10002:2004, and 10004:2012, which cover skilled IT services and client satisfaction. All this has contributed to providing economical services to purchasers in Saudi Arabia.

What is the ICT Circle?

The B2B Platform for the ICT Channel: Vendors, Distributors, Resellers, and System Integrators from all over the world can transact with each other using the utilities of this platform. The features offered by ICT Circle are easy to use and give flexibility to seamlessly indent sales, procurement, marketing, and training to its subscribers, ultimately simplifying the day-to-day processes of the ICT fraternity.

Benefits provided by the ICT Circle for System Integrators

ICT Circle provides tons of benefits to system integrators. All the things you need as a system integrator are provided by the ICT Circle’s single platform.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Attracting new customers

ICT Circle brings the opportunity for systems integrators to find new clients along with attracting existing ones by making themselves available on the ICT Circle platform. With this, they are not only cutting short the time it takes to hunt for a new business but also announcing their presence by immediately connecting with them using the chat feature. Most importantly, their travel time and associated costs can be saved, not to mention increased productivity.


The ICT Circle facilitates a common platform for the IT channel, bringing all the tiers together to communicate. System integrators get to know various vendors, their onboarding processes, channel programs, and market acceptance. Further, system integrators can get information about various events, webinars, and training conducted by the vendors where they can participate as per their choice to update the knowledge of their sales and tech teams. 


ICT Circle believes that a sneak peek of the market coupled with the most appropriate analysis is essential for systems integrators. This gives them confidence in the solutions and products to be proposed in line with the vendors’ positioning to the end-users. As verified subscribers, system integrators gain access to the comprehensive report at their fingertips. This helps them follow the right direction as per the industry movements and also positions them as change drivers by consulting and collecting feedback.

  • Finding new suppliers

System Integrators always look for suppliers of new technologies, as they cannot get all products and services from the same suppliers. Even if they can, they face challenges in getting the best deals and sometimes delivery issues. ICT Circle understands these challenges. Its marketplace can help system integrators by mapping their requirements to verified suppliers and getting them connected.

The platform can come in handy, particularly if the projects require large quantities or if there is any niche product requirement that is not readily available with their regular suppliers.


It’s often noticed that most system integrators do not have a dedicated marketing department or a marketing team to promote their services both on-ground and online. And many others depend on vendors and distributors to get their projects and recognition.

ICT Circle acts as a marketing channel that can be used by system integrators who want to promote their services and showcase their might to the ICT fraternity, which in effect leads to more exposure and collaboration opportunities with other technology providers.

Want to learn more about the ICT circle? 

Visit here:

ICT Circle

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