What is India’s position in the IT B2B Market?

What is India’s position in the IT B2B Market?

An IT reseller is an entity that buys software or hardware from an IT distributor or another entity and resells it to customers. IT distributors distribute software or hardware further in the Supply chain.

What is the B2B marketplace, and what is the IT B2B marketplace?

A B2B Marketplace is a digital platform that allows businesses to interact with other organizations and do commerce all in one location. Furthermore, as the name suggests, an IT B2B marketplace is a platform where Information technology-based firms connect to buy and

sell products, usually in bulk.

The Internet was a watershed moment in transforming our world’s affairs. Technology is constantly growing, prompting the globe to update in order to keep up with new initiatives that

are taking place all around us. The market is no longer the same as it once was. Gone are the days when individuals had to physically show themselves in a ‘Bazaar’ to sell their goods. Now,

Thanks to the Internet’s tremendous capabilities and new robust platforms available, Sellers with diverse products can sell their products while remaining within our four walls, and purchasers can purchase them.

Such changes have greatly aided IT/ICT resellers and distributors, and resellers and distributors worldwide are embracing such platforms to improve their customer base and build connections.

What is India’s position in the IT B2B market?

India has a thriving IT business that is expanding and establishing itself as a global leader.

Digitalization has made it possible for several IT/ICT resellers and distributors to engage with

clients beyond boundaries.

ICT Circle is the platform pushing a revolution in the IT B2B marketplace. It has proven itself to

be a revolutionary platform for resellers, distributors, vendors and system integrators dealing in

Information and communication and technology-based products and services.

What is the ICT circle?

ICT Circle is a revolutionary IT B2B platform developed to bridge the gap between distributors,

resellers, vendors, and system integrators. It was born with a vision to facilitate productive

interactions and business contracts on a single platform. With its extensive features, ICT Circle

has opened a new doorway for innovations in the IT B2B marketplace. ICT Circle functions as a comprehensive platform offering diverse solutions to

various IT B2B industry demands

Reputed IT resellers and IT distributors such as Samsung resellers in India and Samsung distributors in India are benefiting from the ICT platform. One can also find WI-FI router vendors, namely, TP-link Distributors and TP-link resellers in India, on ICT Circle’s platforms.

 Be it Acer Distributors in India or Toshiba distributors in India or resellers such as Acer resellers in India or Apple distributors in India, or if you are looking for prestige firm vendors, such as Toshiba resellers in India, Dell resellers in India, Lenovo Distributors in India or Lenovo Resellers in India ICT Circle hosts them all.

How is ICT Circle helping IT resellers and IT distributors in India?

Every IT reseller or distributor desires a strong customer base. In pursuit of such acquisition of customers, they are trying new platforms.

As a B2B platform, ICT circle provides many great features to improve the overall IT business. It provides resellers with many benefits that can help them to grow their business. -ICT Circle is a name of revolution as the globe moves at an unprecedented rate and competition

grows. It is a pioneer in leading tremendous innovation and further easing the communication

between IT B2B marketplace. ICT Circle can provide a plethora of options for IT/ICT resellers and distributors of India to enter a completely new paradigm and access the entire world. It can aid IT resellers in globalizing their business and reaching out to potential clients in different

nations and continents. They can also benefit from ICT Circle’s platform for dispatching items

and delivering services to far-flung areas. The ICT circle’s clients have the freedom to establish new connections, explore new

markets, and gain new customers through a fully functional electronic procurement platform.

Moreover, the clients can come up with huge savings by creating an online set-up viz-a-viz physical set-up such as expensive showrooms, heavy interiors and high rentals can be reduced or avoided altogether.

ICT Circle

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