A transformational platform for IT/ICT B2B Marketplace

The business has transitioned to a new transformative realm as a result of the Internet’s arrival. The Internet allowed widespread communication, linking businesses in ways that no one could have predicted.

This was an entirely new realm, a metaphysical, intangible one in which they could conduct business and trade with others without ever physically meeting them. These places were known as portals, which brought buyers and sellers from many industries together on a single platform. Several IT/ ICT-based vendors also tried their hands at such portals. However, because these platforms were general and housed many things to anything, they had communication issues, and the hunt for each other grew too chaotic. A platform dedicated solely to IT/ICT vendors, distributors, resellers, and system integrators was desperately needed.

Amidst such need, ICT Circle was born to serve as a first-of-its-kind platform that would aid IT/ICT-based businesses to connect with people of their kind to share ideas and products.

If it was not for ICT Circle, the IT/ICT vendors, distributors, resellers, and system integrators would have found it to be very chaotic to connect with IT-based firms and would have found themselves lost among all other sector-based vendors. The incorporation of ICT Circle was a watershed moment in the history of the IT/ ICT based B2B marketplace.

The ICT Circle led an unprecedented shift allowing the vendors, distributors, resellers and system integrators.

How has ICT Circle pushed a revolution in IT/ICT based B2B marketplaces? Here’s how

Purely IT based

ICT Circle is a purely IT-based platform that excludes all sellers from other industries and exclusively links IT-based businesses.

Learn & Earn

ICT Circle connects Vendors, distributors, resellers and system integrators, giving them the opportunity to learn and earn.

Develop beyond Boundaries

ICT Circle takes IT/ICT based businesses to an entirely new paradigm and opens up the whole world in front of them. It aids resellers in globalising their business and reaching out to potential clients in different nations and continents.

Realtime dashboard

ICT Circle provides resellers with a comprehensive dashboard to monitor their day-to-day activities or as per the selected time period. This helps businesses dive deeper and fine-tune their offerings as per market demands.

The benefits are inevitable; the advantages are obvious.

ICT is a revolutionary platform. The only option is to join the revolution or lag behind; there’s no third.

Join the revolution, expand your horizons, and conquer new customers by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Visit https://ictcircle.com/

Step 2: Register yourself

Step 3: Upload your inventories

Step 4: Gain access to customers worldwide.

ICT Circle

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ICT Circle

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