Business Funding

ICT Circle works with third-party alliance partners to cover the payment risk and the supply risk. Our Trade finance partners provides funding to our subscribers with receivables or payment according to the agreed terms.

Different parties involved in trade finance include:

  • Banks
  • Trade finance companies
  • Buyers & Sellers
  • Insurers
  • Export credit agencies and service providers

"Some 80 to 90 percent of world trade relies on trade finance..." – World Trade Organization (WTO)

ICT Circle Trade finance partners allows both buyers and sellers access to many financial solutions that can be tailored to their situation, and often, multiple products can be used in tandem or layered to help ensure the transaction goes through smoothly. Besides reducing the risk of nonpayment and non-receipt of goods, trade finance has become an important tool for companies to improve their efficiency and boost revenue.

Other benefits of Trade Financing are:

  • Improves Cash Flow and Efficiency of Operations
  • Increased Revenue and Earnings