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About ICT Circle

ICT Circle is a B2B platform for ICT Eco-Systems, helping members to connect and strike profitable deals. Whether it is a Vendor or a Distributor, ICT Circle can increase your client base, profitability, and efficiency in your niche domain. We have an entire member base of resellers, wholesalers, retailers, Systems Integrator, and bulk buyers. We stand out within the B2B ICT Ecosystems with our vast network of members - all having similar interests and goals i.e., to increase revenue as well as reach.

In a layman’s term, ICT Circle is a B2B platform which enables their members to -sell or buy products online within their fraternity. We have designed the processes by using state-of-the-art algorithms that help users navigate the platform with great ease and gives them the comfort of doing business on any device. ICT Circle members can save a lot by optimizing their operational expenses, maintain the proper inventory and reach out to the global partners in a simplified way without setting up complex & expensive shop systems and supply chains.

Solutions Provided By ICT Circle

There already exists a group of niche resellers in ICT Circle, which regularly conduct their business using this platform. ICT Circle offers its existing customers a full-fledged electronic procurement portal that is helping them make new connections, exploring new markets, finding genuine products at the most competitive prices. The most important feature is that the real-time inventory of the partners is visible to each other on-demand, subscribers can also form their own groups to work closely with their preferred partners. Apart from saving a lot of time on sourcing and selling, subscribers can increase customer loyalty and receive the current market information, they can study the trends which can help them in investing in the right stocks that are in demand.

Why Opt for ICT Circle

Why Opt for ICT Circle

In the era of cut-throat competition and diminishing margins, businesses are looking for innovative ways that can give them that elusive competitive edge. ICT Circle identified this problem and created the opportunity for buyers and the sellers to come together and engage in productive conversations involving their business objectives, which is generally not possible with the traditional marketplace. Both the buyers and sellers can upload requirements and inventories, get their deals financed, get their credentials verified, and do business with complete peace of mind. The platform is robust and highly secured, which instills confidence and trust in its users. It is a go-to place where one can liaison with services like logistics, insurance, payment security, and finance. The analytics section gives a detailed insight on user buying and selling patterns, periodic trends like a weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and on annual basis, followed by a quarter on quarter and year-on-year reports. These can be used by members to make intelligent decisions regarding their products and pricing.

More Revenue & Improved Customer Retention with ICT Circle

One can effortlessly transform from simple sourcing and selling a business house into an optimally managed organization with the ICT Circle. The icing on the cake is that it frees up their sales & procurement departments from tedious and time-consuming manual quotations & inquiry techniques. ICT Circle enables creating customer-specific interest groups, with user-defined and customized products and prices with ease. This ensures that the members can concentrate more on their specialized products and domains instead of the nitty-gritty of technology. External Interfaces can also be integrated individually in a plug and play manner.



An excellent platform for every size of an ICT company which provides a great venue to learn from each other and build lasting relationships. Interact with the experienced hands in the business, ICT Circle allows the masters of the game to upgrade themselves on the technology front. A real-time inventory, online catalogs, and integration with social media platforms make ICT Circle a unique platform with all the hallmarks of a game-changer for its members.