Complaints and Consumer Awareness

ICT Circle is a professional, clear, and clean platform that promises its subscribers a hassle-free environment to conduct their businesses.

ICT Circle is a professional, clear, and clean platform that promises its subscribers a hassle-free environment to conduct their businesses. The platform has a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of nuisance that can cause discomfort to its users, it encourages the subscribers to highlight counterfeit products & misleading information to the operators of the platform, so that all subscribers can reap the benefits by joining ICT Circle for year to come.

We understand that there are times when uncertainties can crop up and there can be unhappy moments among the users while doing business transactions, there can be mis commitments, use of uncomfortable communication. ICT Circle provides an opportunity to its users to submit their complaints formally as per the requirement listed in the complaint forms. The platform tries its best to get the dispute resolved up to the satisfaction of the parties involved. Following process needs to be followed to register the grievance by the dissatisfied users (Personal Complaints will not be entertained):

  1. produce proper proof (attach evidence documents) backing their claim,
  2. Any subscriber filing the complaint against the other company must
  3. Use of descent language and avoid unnecessary bumped up allegations.
  4. The evidence proof must comprise of all the necessary documents as suggested by ICT Circle, such as email communication. Invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, shipping documents, payment defaults etc.
  5. Names of all the individual involved in the dispute/transaction.

The compliance team with review the complaints and will invite the concerned parties to mediate among them. However, ICT Circle does not bear any personal or business responsibility, other than providing basic mediation services to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution. Even in cases where ICT cannot act as a mediator, compliance team will still assist by listening to the parties involved and provide a reasonable suggestion maintaining the corium of the meeting. If the situation gets uncontrollable and beyond conclusion, compliance team can help in finding a competent legal advisor. Businesses found doing wrong practices, posting malicious content, and misleading communications which can lead to the disharmony of other subscribers shall be named on the platform so that good subscribers stay informed and conduct business cautiously.

Some of the common issues encountered in the business are listed below and we would like to inform the platform users to bring up such issues in limelight as soon as they find someone is involved in any of them, they are:

  • Cheque Bounce (Though less practiced on platform but still exists in B2B environment)
  • Payment Defaults (In case open credit is agreed)
  • Counterfeit Supply
  • Short delivery
  • Wrong/Different product delivery
  • Product condition other than specifies (old/open box)
  • Late payment
  • No response after payment/orders
  • Fake airway bills/delivery
  • Suppliers/Buyers bankruptcy declaration (if applicable)
  • Absence of product support/unclear product warranty
  • Fake payment advice/receipts
  • Wrong commitment/Misleading communication
  • Grey product
  • Payment/delivery to wrong person/individuals.
  • Privacy issue
  • Use of someone else’s credit card
  • Customer disputes related to pre-agreed agreements/understandings
  • Disintermediation
  • Account frauds/sharing (multiple admin role.),
  • Data Hacking
  • Negative Publicity/Defamation (Individuals as well as Businesses)
  • Change of pricing post closure of deals

We want to create utmost awareness among the users of the platform so that they can continue to enjoy the benefits provided by the platform and we have no fear to share that we would not hesitate even a bit in exposing the people/companies who engage in any kind of malpractices to dupe other subscribers

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