Opportunity for Asus Distributors in India to widen the horizon at ICT Circle!

What drives the world in today’s day and age? Unlike the conventional days, today we are driven excessively by smart networks chained by Technology. Let’s go a step further to describe the importance of Technology by focusing our attention on Information and Communication Technology. Is there any point creating, ideating, executing, starting a business, if it does not get communicated and translated among the masses? Who is actually the business aimed at? People and businesses who are lacking a particular product or service, of course. These are some existential questions one must ask themselves from time to time, to stay in touch with their goals consistently!

ICT Circle to your rescue for your IT/ICT business collaboration crisis!

ICT Circle is preferred among businesses owing to the following reasons. Being a B2B Platform for ICT ecosystems, ICT Circle contributes to B2B Asus Distributors by connecting them to the right Resellers that can benefit from Asus B2B Distributors. In brief, if we are to describe the deliverables of ICT Circle, we could say that ICT Circle is pillared upon latest information, operational excellence, and profitability.

ICT circle provides its members with latest information with the help of a real-time dashboard that devises comprehensive reports that are easily accessible. Asus B2B Distributors in India get to know what shipment or products are being dispatched, in what quantities, and whether the right orders are reaching the right customers (resellers in this case). Asus Distributors in India also learn about their performance of displayed products in terms of their movement and revenue generated on a regular basis. Having all the salient information about the updates on trade in one place, right on the dashboard is a feature much appreciated by some of the Asus B2B Distributors, and they claim that it helps them make faster, more accurate decision making.

ICT Circle in optimizing decision-making process!  

ICT Circle creates the perfect customized mix on the basis of customer demand patterns, investing in only those products that do well, and thereby selling them to the resellers. Arranging stellar product trainings conducted by professionals, providing the right market sentiments, send feedback to the vendors that they can go back referring to while product enhancement or marketing strategies. An Asus Distributor B2B must know that ICT Circle, on some level, is a healthy cross between productive conversations and cracking deals that profit all the components of the IT/ICT supply chain, such as distributors, resellers, vendors, and system integrators. Where else would you find a platform that enables Asus B2B Distributors to deal with ICT Verified Partners. You, as an Asus Distributor B2B, may remain carefree about the authenticity of the partners that you would find in the ICT Circle Network. Since there is a real-time dashboard made available to the member fraternity, the ICT Circle Team can also view the dashboard and analyze the performance of the business. This in turn, aids ICT Circle in ranking and verifying the businesses based on the progress they make.


ICT Circle supplies to its existing customers a full-fledged electronic procurement portal that helps them build new connections, explore new markets, and purchase supreme quality products at the most reasonable prices. Did we touch upon the topic of analytics before? B2B Asus Distributors receive detailed insight about buying and selling patterns. Charting out weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports, through systematic means, come in handy to a great extent to make educated, well-thought out decisions with respect to products and pricing. ICT Circle can be perceived as a brilliant platform for any and every size of an ICT company that promotes the virtue of earning through learning. At ICT Circle, we appreciate some of the virtues like transparency, freedom, and learning the concepts of IT/ICT business. B2B Asus Distributors would be glad to know that ICT Circle has been a platform that continually and consistently influences the business strategy of other distributors like Apple Product Distributors, MacBook Distributors, Samsung Distributors, Toshiba Distributors, Panasonic Distributors, Lenovo Distributors, Acer Distributors, Realme Distributors, etc. These appealing features of ICT Circle are appreciated and revered by more and more members of the ICT Circle Community, and therefore, we urge you too to dive deep into our website to read some more of our exclusive features in greater detail. We shall be waiting for your connection!   


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