Change the course of your business as Microsoft Distributors in Bahrain with ICT Circle

A small Arab state located in a bay on the Persian Gulf’s southwestern coast called Bahrain. Despite being located in one of the world's most important oil-producing regions, it has only minor petroleum reserves. Bahrain’s economy has long relied on processing crude oil from neighbouring countries but now other sectors like financial, commercial, communication, tourism, etc. are also emerging. In 2021, 25% of the world's population chose to buy online. In the same year, the e-Commerce industry grew by 20%. Bahrain is also a developing e-Commerce industry. With the rising e-Commerce industry, you might have also decided to expand your business online. Building an online business is not as easy as you thought. If you are Microsoft Distributors in Bahrain and want to change the course of your business, then keep reading!



ICT Circle is a leading B2B platform that helps you to diversify your business 

ICT Circle is a B2B platform that helps distributors grow their businesses. The platform has fantastic features that make conducting business online easy and secure. It is a one-stop shop for the simple purchase and sale of all IT products. ICT Circle's features are extremely simple to use. It simplifies the daily use of an IT platform. ICT Circle has over 4500 buyers and sellers, 70+ distributors, and 1.5 million products. ICT Circle assists you in becoming the best B2B Microsoft Distributor in Bahrain. Real-Time Dashboard is one of the many services offered by ICT Circle. As a subscriber, we provide you with a report detailing your products' market performance, the revenue generated by these products, and the regions where your products are most popular. Reports like this one assist you in making sound business decisions. You will use this report to become the best Microsoft B2B Distributor.  


We at ICT Circle can assist you with inventory management. After using our platform for a while, you will have a better understanding of your customer's purchasing habits and will be able to stock your inventory accordingly. We also provide a market overview to help you learn more about your competitors and what's trending in the market, as well as product prices to help you determine the costs of your product and how to promote it. As Microsoft Authorized Distributors, you act as stockists and sellers, requiring investments in stocks and the formation of an intelligent team to identify and channel products and services on behalf of the vendors they represent in pre-defined geographies. You, as Microsoft Authorized Distributor, give credits to vendors, resellers, etc., which calls for a huge investment. ICT Circle makes it easy for you by providing business intelligence to optimise your business processes, reducing the investment pressure and freeing the management to focus on developing your core business. 

ICT Circle is the solution for all your B2B needs 

In addition to the above services, ICT Circle offers ICT Assure, Logistics and Insurance, Credit Insurance, Business Funding, and many more. ICT Assure provides you with a seamless ecosystem of automated purchasing and selling processes with AI to help you manage your business securely and easily. Simply put, ICT Assure is fully digitised, allowing for simple buying and selling transactions. In addition, ICT Circle provides logistics and insurance to its Microsoft Distributors in Bahrain. ICT Circle provides simple logistics services. It offers digital logistics procurement solutions, connecting buyers and sellers with logistics service providers and cargo insurance brokers. Credit Insurance is also available to ICT Circle's B2B Microsoft Distributors. 


ICT Circle provides services to resellers, system integrators, and vendors in addition to B2B Microsoft Distributors in Bahrain. ICT Circle is a pure B2B IT platform where you can easily expand your business. Aside from Microsoft B2B Distributors, ICT Circle also serves Samsung Distributors, Panasonic Distributors, Lenovo Distributors, Dell Distributors, HP Distributors, Asus Distributors, RealMe Distributors, Microsoft Distributors, Acer Distributors, and other distributors. If you are excited to grow your business with ICT Circle after reading this, please visit our website and sign up for the adventure! 

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