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What do you think about the format of finances around you? The money of this world is moving toward a digital economy. According to statistics, 92% of the world’s currency is digital. Can you believe that? That is how advanced technology has become today. To be more precise, it is through Information and Communication technology that facilitates all the advancement that we all experience, enjoy and enrich our lives with. One of the fastest-growing industries in and around the world has to undoubtedly be IT/ICT products and services. Therefore, there is no mystery left about why more and more businesses are shifting their business model to B2B IT/ICT products and services not only nationally but also internationally. ICT Circle facilitates exactly this for new as well as veteran businesses like distributors, resellers, vendors, and system integrators. ICT Circle is a B2B Platform that brings together these businesses which thereby enables them to influence each other, contribute meaningfully and grow holistically. ICT Circle has managed to establish associations between distributors like One Plus Distributors and One Plus Resellers in India as well as other countries and even different continents, for that matter. 

ICT Circle’s Business Essentials are just the things for you! 

When the payment is made securely, the rest of the components of the business become a cakewalk to traverse through. One Plus Authorized Distributors must note that ICT Circle is a stern believer in conducting business with utmost integrity, honesty, and transparency for everlasting commercial relationships that do not get hampered by the threat of payment breaches of any kind. It is only understandable that payments amounting to larger sums of money sometimes withdraw from engaging in the financial transaction, or for that matter even the trade because there is a fair possibility of the payment glitching, which may reflect badly on all the parties involved therein.  

Growth is best experienced when the business owner has the liberty to decide the pace according to what suits you best. Therefore, you, as a B2B One Plus Distributor in India, get a chance to plan the trajectory of the growth of your business, using the feature of Real-Time Business Analytics, which displays a dashboard to the members connected to the ICT Circle network. One Plus B2B Distributors can make use of Trade Credit Insurance which is said to inject confidence and power new opportunities, amongst businesses that trade internationally. If the debt collector can’t collect all the payments that you were due, we can help you submit an insurance claim. In this instance, the insurer could pay up to 90% of the insured debt and the collection expenses. This instills a great amount of credibility and authenticity in the way the trade with credit happens. 

ICT Circle opens the wing of Marketing Services for One Plus Distributors 

Upon studying the recent trends in Marketing, particularly around IT/ICT products and services, ICT Circle has employed newer verticals to optimize the marketing strategy that proves beneficial not just to the buyers but also sellers. One Plus Distributors B2B should be happy to know that ICT Circle has gone very deep into the marketing and branding strategy to bring returns on investment for B2B One Plus Distributors. We observed that merely running ads, and writing blog posts is not enough to pull buyers towards our products, so we devised various techniques to bring out optimum results and notify more and more people about the products that are trending as well as those that are predicted to trend in the near future, by the process of a calculated guess. ICT Circle has a committee of content creators, and research paper writers who are skilled in writing scholarly articles that can be sent forward for publication. Social Media Marketing is also the most trending format of marketing and putting your business out there. Bulk messaging comes in handy when there are tons of businesses that have an association with a particular business person. Communication made simple and at a pulse is the motto of ICT Circle. The other business owners that are connected on the ICT Circle matrix to fuel their business are Samsung Distributors,  Lenovo Panasonic Distributors, LG Distributors, MSI Distributors, Intel Distributors, Xiaomi Distributors, Dell Distributors, Apple Product Distributors, Microsoft Surface Distributors and so many more in the pipeline. You too must connect with us and see how your business jumpstarts in no time, and that too with relatively little effort.

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