Sophos XGS 5500 Webserver Protection - 36 Months (XS5E3CSAA)

Part No: ICT-AUTO-89233b25

Product Description
Webserver Protection License Includes: Base License, Email Protection, Network Protection and Web Server Protection Base License: Networking, wireless, Xstream Architecture, unlimited Remote Access VPN, Site-to-Site VPN, reporting Email Protection: On-box antispam, AV, DLP, encryption Web Server Protection: Web Application Firewall Network Protection: Xstream TLS and DPI engine, IPS, ATP, Security Heartbeat, SD-RED VPN, reporting
OverviewXGS 5500 Webserver Protection - 36 MOSGeneralHarden your web servers and business applications against hacking attempts while providing secure access.Business Application Policy TemplatesPre-defined policy templates let you protect common applications like Microsoft Exchange Outlook Anywhere or SharePoint quickly and easily.Protection from the latest hacks and attacksWith a variety of advanced protection technologies including URL and form hardening, deep-linking and directory traversal prevention, SQL injection and cross-site scripting protection, cookie signing and more. Reverse proxyWith authentication options, SSL offloading, and server load balancing ensure maximum protection and performance for your servers being accessed from the internet.