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What is ICT Circle and how it works?

ICT Circle is a B2B platform made specifically for ICT community which includes Resellers, System Integrators, Distributors and Vendors. The platform brings all of them on a single place where they can list their businesses, upload inventories, search products compare prices, get trainings, launch products, test markets, and enjoy 3rd party services etc.

Get your daily reports on the dashboard. Which will help to increase your business performance and aid to attain a competitive advantage. Platform will provide you daily emailers as well.

Businesses can register themselves by creating their login and listing themselves as buyer or seller or both. It is simple, just go to plans and pricing, select your plan, get started with the registration. Once you fill in all the required details you will receive an email stating your login and password and you are ready to enjoy ICT Circle ride.

The payments can be made easily through our digital payment gateway using your credit card, we accept Mastercard, Visa and PayPal.

You can upgrade your subscription at any time, you just need to select and buy the plan you want. And even if it is in the middle of the month, you will just be charged at the pro-rata basis for the existing month and you will be ready to enjoy the new selected plan features.

Once you are a paid subscriber you can easily upload your inventory under the Product Management tab.

We have a mechanism to show verified and unverified accounts internally which are in compliance with our KYC terms, also we have partnered with 3rd party credit monitoring agency such as D&B to provide the sanity of the business.

Currently funding facilities are only available for premium and ultimate subscribers. We get them connected to 3rd party companies such as invoice bazar to discuss their needs on case to case basis.

Thanks for being our customer though we understand the business needs change and you have decided to move on, to make your exit hassle free if you are a yearly package subscriber we will be charging for the future two months and then deactivate the account. We will miss you.

All subscribers are encouraged to use their trusted logistics and shipping companies, ICT Circle can also suggest 3rd parties logistics companies for the shipping and delivery of the goods.

We value your time; it just takes few minutes to get your registration done. All you have to do is, put in the required details.

We welcome you to create campaigns with us but unfortunately this service is only available for executive, premium and ultimate package subscribers.

Though ICT Circle is a global platform but currently the businesses from Middle East, Africa and Indian subcontinent can access our platform.

Currently our Free subscription plan is not time bound (We will inform you about the changes, if any).

There are no hidden charges. If you want to avail other services such as advertising, campaigns, banner ads, event sponsorships etc. then we can discuss it on case to case basis.

Once you have completed all account KYC information and has become a verified subscriber, then on your login dashboard you will have the access to upload your inventory in excel or .csv format.

Based on your profile you have access to reach out to vendors, distributors, system integrators and resellers, also you can invite your friends and business associate’s to ICT circle’s fraternity.

The new owner should inform us. Of course, it can be changed, KYC of the new owner has to be conducted and updated in our system.

We have a huge database of ICT fraternity where you will have complete access to our search engine and can search by company, product, supplier, part number and further filtered by geographical locations.

Once you are logged in to your dashboard, there is a tab of Notifications. You will receive all the notifications related to products and other services over there matching your business activities.

We totally understand the need of data security. Only the information that connects two business professionals will be shared with the contacts you make.

Your business activity on daily basis will help build your profile standout and will come higher in search, also you can avail our marketing and advertising tools to increase your reach and visibility.

The products listed on our website are in stock and are ready to be delivered/shipped same day. There are thousands of products that are not listed. Please contact us with your request for any part that does not show on our website via email and we will revert to you at the earliest.

Yes, we only display and sell new and factory sealed products.

Upon finding each other both buyer and seller will create a secured chat session to talk about the deal and once they have concluded their negotiations, they can confirm it by saving the transcript of the session for future reference. Also, the copy of their session will be sent to their registered email addresses.

We will be sending you the reminder for the renewal of the annual subscription 60 days before your term expires and it will be charged on your credit card in our file. The charges will take effect from the start of your new year contract.

Certainly, we value your patronage, we will keep your account active in our free subscribers list and you can enjoy all the listed features as per the plan.

Yes, ICT Circle has allocated specific spaces on various pages for partners to place their ads, also ICT Circle’s marketing department can run customized ad campaigns.


Please check the plans and pricings, subscribers can choose subscription options. Yearly plans are highly discounted.

After logging in, on left side menu we can see Manage profile option, after clicking it, the revise membership option will be visible, just select your desired plan and follow the steps. For executive plan features please visit plans and pricing page.

Firstly, ICT Circle does not sell any product. ICT Circle is a marketplace that provides its subscribers an opportunity to engage among themselves and involve into business, purely at their own discretion.

All warranties are subject to the terms and conditions laid down by their respective brand owners in particular region. Check about the details on warranty when you are doing any transaction.

We try our best to onboard the subscribers who deal in genuine products, however if any spurious or duplicate product is found then please bring it to our attention in written, by emailing us at support@ictcircle.com

Yes, you can list your used products on this platform. In inventory tab there is an option to upload products, one must select ‘Used’ as the condition. If right option is not selected and later it is found to be a used product, it will be removed from the platform.

You need to contact the company from whom you have purchased.

The payment methods are secured on ICT Circle though in a situation if you face any issue, please report it at support@ictcircle.com. Give us two weeks’ time to service your request.

You can upload as many products as you want.

No, ICT Circle is a B2B platform meant only for the ICT fraternity.

As of now ICT Circle is not providing any installation services. Though the subscribers listed on the platform can advertise and sell the services they offer.

Yes, you can subscribe and offer your products. ICT Circle is a brand agnostic platform that does not differentiate between big or small, unknown, or well-known brands.

ICT Circle does not sell any product. ICT Circle is a marketplace that provides its subscribers an opportunity to engage among themselves and involve into business, purely at their own discretion. All terms such credit period and logistics etc. are to be worked or negotiated directly between buyer and seller.

Yes, ICT Circle is a business platform for all kind of ICT products.

Please check business essentials page for details.

Yes, ICT Circle provides this facility to the “Ultimate Plan” subscribers. Also, one can find active leads in lead box.

As a security, it is purely left with the user to share their login details with someone else to login simultaneously using the original subscriber’s login details. ICT Circle does not support this idea, though users can play as they want.

Yes, one can refer the landing page and know about the features by clicking the benefits tab as well as we keep updating product training videos on the YouTube channel.

One can visit ICT Circle “Consumer Awareness and Complaints” page to report any issue.

Plans and pricing tab shows the charges of different plans offered by ICT Circle. There are no other hidden or additional service charges.